What is ideas@iimt?

ideas@iimt is a program for pre-startup support of the international institute of management in technology (iimt). It serves as an incubator for bachelor and master level students of the University of Fribourg.

What does ideas@iimt do?

ideas@iimt supports students who wish to put their own ideas into reality and develop them further. Our goal is to accompany students on their way through the starting phases of their own business venture, start-up or project.

What can you expect from us?

We support students in their first steps towards their own vision. To do that, we teach and apply together with you the most essential techniques and tools of the lean start-up method. Our wish is that students can operate and unfold in a riskless, yet more practical, environment.

Some of the techniques you might learn in our program: Ideation, Building a canvas for a lean business model, Customer Insight Acquisition, Risk Assessment, Stakeholder Evaluation, creating a Communication Plan, and many more. We provide you with a co-working space that you can use on demand. We support you in building a prototype or a minimal valuable product. We are at your disposal if you wish to discuss certain topics, if you like to conduct an individual workshop with us, or if you simply need coaching.

How can I join the ideas@iimt program?

Just send a mail with a short description of your idea to:

We will contact you and organize a meeting, where we would discuss further details.

You can also use this contact address to ask us any questions you might have concerning the program. Don't feel intimidated to use this chance. Most of us are students of the university of Fribourg as well. We're generally more afraid of you than you are of us.

Does the submitted idea have to be very detailed?

It does not! Sharpening the idea can be done together with us, if you wish to do so. We give you feedback and advice on how and what to improve.

Is there a deadline for the submission?

There is no deadline. We accept submissions all year round.

I am already studying and don't have much spare time. Is that a problem?

That won't be an issue. Our program is specifically tailored for students and their individual requirements. We are aware that this is not a full-time commitment. Generally speaking, you will be able to work at your own pace.

What are my benefits?

The whole program is free of charge, participating costs nothing. You choose how often you work and how far you want to go. You can make use of our network of experts, knowledge and resources. We provide a room that will be at your disposal to work on your idea or to study. Depending on the scope of your project, we provide financial support as well. You will be able to develop your idea in a risk-free environment. The intellectual property of your idea belongs to you. With your agreement, we will use pictures, logos and descriptions for publicity purposes and ask you to promote or incorporate the program/logo in your idea or project.

What are your benefits?

Our main benefit is the strengthening of the innovative power of the University of Fribourg. With successful participants we broaden our own network of supporters to help the next generations of innovative minds.

We learn together with our participants. We are mostly students ourselves and we can benefit from new experiences as well.

Is it necessary that I submit my idea in english?

The team behind ideas@iimt is a colorful bunch, so you don't have to feel restricted. We're accepting submissions in German, French or of course, English.